Etymotic HD5 Earphones

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Benefits Engineered for safe sound output and superior music reproduction. Reduces the need to play music at loud levels. Designed for use in high-noise environments. Protects hearing from unsafe sound levels, even at max volume on portable players. Promotes safe listening by reducing the risk of overexposure to high sound levels. Operates with most portable devices. Eartips seal in even the smallest ears. Blocks outside sound; no need to turn up the volume to overcome background noise. 

Etymotic HD5 Safety Earphones

HD5 high-definition, noise-isolating Safety Earphones are reduced-output earphones, engineered for safe listening and exceptional sound quality. Risk to hearing is minimized, regardless of the volume level from portable players. HD5 earphones block sound (like earplugs) to reduce external noise and limit the amount of sound that reaches the eardrum.

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 15 kHz
Accuracy Score 85%
Transducers 6-mm neodymium moving coil driver
Noise Isolation 35-42 dB
Impedance (@1kHz) 300 Ohms
Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0.1v 76 dB
Cable 1.2m 3.5mm plug
User Replaceable ACCU-Filters No
Warranty 1 year
Custom-Fit Option Yes (see below)

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Vat Relief Yes
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